Ralph on a Shelf 10K Giveaway • Adllins Media
Christmas is the time to give back to your community and this silly season, Adllins Media are stepping it up a notch!

We’re offering a member of our community the chance to WIN $5,000 cash for themselves and $5,000 cash to donate to one of the following not for profit organisations, in our Ralph on a Shelf $10K Giveaway! 

How does it work?
1.    The competition will run for 30 days, from Monday November 23rd to Tuesday December 22nd, with the prize being drawn on Thursday December 24th. Competition Entries close 11:59AM Wednesday December 23rd.

2.    Each day there will be a post on the Adllins Media Facebook page with a clue and a photo of our Reindeer, Ralph hiding somewhere within a local business!

3.    If you think you know where Ralph is hiding, you need to: 

        3.1. Register your details below and go to our competition portal.

        3.2. Enter the business’ name beside the corresponding day.

        3.3. Like that business’ Facebook page.

        3.4. Save your progress, ready for the next day’s guess.

        3.5. Ensure you like the Adllins Media Facebook page.

4.    You can only submit your completed entry form once all 30 days have been entered.

5.    To be eligible to win the prize, entrants must have named all 30 businesses correctly, liked all Facebook pages, including our Adllins Media Facebook page!

6.    You can start the competition at any point before the closing date! Previous days clues will be listed below.

7.    The first correct entry drawn will win the prize. 

To participate, register your details below!

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for any further details.

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Just joining in on our hunt for Ralph? It's not too late to register to win! Follow the links below or head to our Facebook page to check out our previous posts!