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Social Media Maintenance

Social media strategy? What social media strategy?

Does this sound like your business?

All too often our consultants are asked the question, “But where do we start?”. The truth is, there is no one size that fits all with social media marketing. However, what we do know is through asking a series of questions and sharing information, navigating your way through the best social media platforms for your business can be educational, entertaining and effective.

I’m looking for real return on investment – can you help?

Our Social Media Maintenance package is designed to build product and brand awareness. Every good cake comes with a solid base, right? From there, with all the ingredients in play on the right platform, we can help you create the icing on top – the lead generator that converts.

$999* per month

Your package includes:

  • Regular social media posting across mainstream channels
  • Full review of your social media accounts to analyse what’s not working and why
  • Direction, creative design on what types of content your audience engages with
  • Viral headlines used by industry experts

Need more? There plenty of other offerings throughout our website that might take your
fancy, and in selecting our Start-up Package you can choose add-ons with extra discounts applied.

* Terms and conditions apply contact Adllins Media for details. Social Media posting includes: 2 posts per week across Instagram and Facebook with monthly reporting. Offer expires 30th June 2020.

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