Digital and Traditional Media Buying: Ever considered both?

Media buying is one of the most integral processes in the field of advertising. Like a needle in a haystack, a great campaign won’t shine through without the help of excellent media buyers who scout, plan and negotiate the best approach as well as lock down the best local deals to showcase your brand and content.

But with the advent of today’s technology, practices within the industry have gone through a major shift. Let’s take a look at the benefits of adding to your current traditional media buying strategy by incorporating digital media buying.

Traditional media buying: A must have Strategy

Traditional media buying is often carried out through billboard placements, TV & radio spots, and print campaigns. And when it comes to traditional media buying, almost everything is coordinated offline. You approach your publishers to buy ad placements, you reach out to your channels individually to gather data, and you directly contact account managers and agencies for  proposals. Because each step will inevitably take time and effort to be completed, it is an effective process that needs to be supported with rigid proactive planning and requires a set amount of financial resources allocated before commencement.

Traditional media buying has a wide reach and is often a very successful strategy to include. However, it is sometimes difficult to gain a detailed report on metrics in order to accurately determine if your advertisements are reaching the right audience. Often the success of an ad is based on impressions which gives you a fair idea of how many eyeballs your ad has attracted but doesn’t necessarily generate a very detailed report on your ROI.

Programmatic Buying: A new focus to consider

The age of the Internet has carved it’s way for the new era adventurous marketer. In the field of digital marketing, programmatic buying has contributed to providing advertising agencies with an additional and alternative option.

In programmatic buying, ads are placed on websites and other digital media. All coordination occurs in real-time: from the trading and bidding right up to the reporting and optimization stage.

Processes are quicker and advertisers can better target their demographic because of the availability of certain algorithms. You will find it easy to gain insights on your advertisement performance because all of the data is consolidated in a single dashboard. More importantly, due to the nature of it’s process being mainly automated, it is a cost-effective method as you require fewer resources to get your campaign up and running.

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