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Rielli Portegys
Web Developer

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“Refuse to be average.” – Aiden Wilson Tozer

Rielli is our highly ambitious and multi-talented Web Developer. She is known around the office for her dedication to bettering herself, through both education and fitness. After graduating from JCU with a Bachelor of Creative Industries majoring in Media Design and Marketing, Rielli is currently furthering her education and expertise with a Diploma of Website Development. She has already obtained impressive credentials in her field after living and working in New York City as a full-time Graphic Designer. She offers a diverse portfolio covering graphic and web design, advertising, content creation, business branding, and more.

Rielli says she is granted amazing opportunities at Adllins, and her love of the people and the work environment means there is never a day where she dreads coming to the office. Originally hailing from Millaa Millaa, Rielli grew up on a family dairy farm before moving to Cairns for university. She enjoys a round of golf on the weekend and has even competed in Miss Universe Australia, proving that there is very little she can’t do!