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Ange Collins is a highly energised media professional with a particular passion for supporting businesses in Regional Australia.

Ange grew up on a large pastoral station at the foot hills of the Grampians.  The only daughter in a family full of boys, she says she learnt the value of strength, determination and commitment at a very early age.  She credits her country upbringing to shaping her values and morals of today.

By the age of 16 she knew that to help businesses thrive in any capacity they needed good sales and marketing strategies, so she completed a Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management.

Since that time, Ange’s media career has spanned over almost two decades working in commercial roles throughout Fairfax Media and NewsCorp before commencing her own stable of businesses in December 2016.

Her down to earth approach and larger than life personality has seen her win the hearts of the business community of Far North Queensland in a very short time with the creation of locally owned and operated full service media agency, Adllins Media, and the creation of local B2B magazine and online platform, Connect Cairns.

Her media prowess coupled with her passion for developing businesses, has been a powerful formula for success.  Ange is extremely dedicated to her media businesses and her goals and objectives align with supporting businesses to succeed with excellence at every level no matter where they’re located throughout the globe.

She says “when you live on the land you learn resilience very quickly, but I would have to say the  biggest thing my rural childhood has taught me is the value of loyalty and respect.”  Ange says it is these very reasons she set her media agency up to be an exclusive industry arrangement, whereby they will only represent one client per industry at any one time geographically.

Ange says “I’ve learnt nothing comes easy in life, but if you buckle down and work hard anything is possible.  It is my mission to provide businesses with a voice and support them through their business journey in the good times and bad, with effective marketing solutions.”